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From snow to the Colloseum

I discovered traveling late in life as I had rarely traveled outside of Texas until I was 40 years old. Then, about 10 years ago, I began traveling with a dear friend who had been traveling most of her life. She introduced me to the joy and adventure of experiencing new places, people and sites. There is no better way to expand your world view and your comfort zone than to travel to new and exciting places, learn about different cultures and experience great food! Food is always on the top of our priority list. A fun thing to do is take pics of your meals. Sounds a little odd but family and friends back home really enjoy seeing the photos and hearing about each new culinary expedition. Another way to share your travel experience with others is to write a blog while traveling. It is like a daily diary of adventures, people, places and experiences. Folks back home can't wait for the latest edition each day. A travel blog is a wonderful way to allow friends and family to experience the trip along with you.

Here is an abbreviated version of one of our more interesting blogs on a trip to Rome from Dallas. "Dallas is not known for snow, but this particular January a blizzard, by Texas standards, came through on the morning of our departure. We experienced THE LINE, as we affectionately named it, trying to rebook our canceled flights. After spending hours in THE LINE and sleeping overnight at DFW airport we were unable to re-book our flights and went back home totally disappointed that our Rome trip was not going to happen. We got a good nights sleep and the next morning tried again. Success! We got a flight out but were still not in the graces of the travel gods. Because of all the flight cancellations we were delayed twice in New York. Our plane eventually took off for Rome, our luggage got there before we did, and even though our trip was cut short by a couple of days Rome was an experience I will never forget. From snow to the Colloseum. Awesome!!"

Even though this trip to Rome was full of unexpected problems, we met wonderful people in THE LINE and all throughout our trip. We were blessed to experience The Vatican, including the SCAVI Tour of the underground Necropolis located under St. Peter's Basilica (this must be booked in advance), Italian gelato, The Colloseum, The Pantheon, lodging in a convent (alternative vs hotel/bed breakfast) and of course the food.

Traveling grace,


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